Why do we fail ?

It’s said that if we come to know the reason why we fail, we can makeover life much happier and peaceful. Krishna said five thousand years ago that there are only three reasons, let’s see what Krishna told about it.

According to the story in Bhagavad Gita

In ancient times, there was the birth of a new boy in the king’s family. At a very early age, he was sent to gurukul to gain knowledge without any luxury of being a prince. He was one of the most brilliant students of his time in a gurukul. In gurukul, he learned all Hindu Ved Puran and shastro. Unfortunately, during his learning stage, his entire family was dead in a natural disaster. After losing his family, the kid decides that after completing his education, he will devote his whole life to help others. He completed his education, became Hermit (a sanyasi), and went to the Himalayas to do Tapasya. After completing his Tapasya, he started educating people .with the flow of time, everyone started talking about him. People from far away stated coming to seek knowledge and find the solution to there problem from him. At that time, the king of that kingdom was a cruel man.

The king started hearing about him a lot, so he finally decides to meet him. When the king meets the Sanyasi, the miracle happed the king got so impressed by Sanyasi and chose to follow the right path. He was thinking in his mind that one meeting has changed him so much, so if Sanyasi stays with him forever, his life will change completely. The king begged Sanyasi to visit the palace. Sanyasi could not deny the king’s request and decided to go with him.in the castle, everyone welcomed him and took proper care of Sanyasi with all the delicious food available in the kingdom . after eating, Sanyasi asked permission to leave. The king said, “ok, but stay in our garden as long as you wish, and you won’t have any difficulty in staying here, I promise you that. “

By listing to this, the Sanyasi agreed to stay in the beautiful hut which the king made from him with all the necessity. Sanyasi lived there for many years. During that time, the king took care of him and made sure he was comfortable, .but after some years, the king urgently had to visit the neighboring kingdom. Hence, the king appointed a caretaker to take care of him. Unfortunately, the caretaker becomes ill and left for home and never returned. Therefore, there was no one to take care of Sanyasi or even to give him food . after some days when the king returned. Sanyasi got angry and said in an irritated voice, “those responsibilities you can not handle. Why do you take it. “ the king said, please forgive me, and this will never happen. The Queen was listing these conversations from fare away and decided not to speak.

After this, the king served the Sanyasi well; after a few months, the king had to go outside for some urgent reason, so he said her wife (the Queen) to take care of Sanyasi from him until his return. The Queen sends the meal daily to Sanyasi. One day she forgot to send him the meal and went to the bath. The Sanyasi was again angry. He waited there for 2 hours, and then he finally decided to go to the palace. He reached the castle, a gorgeous lady with beautiful ornaments that were enhancing her beauty. Sanyasi was astounded by her looks and could not forget her, he did not eat or drink water and then became weak. After some days, the king returned and heard about him, so he furiously went to meet Sanyasi. The king asked, is there anything I can do for you? And in what deep thought you are in .. he said, “I am in the trap of the beauty of the Queen.

The king said I will give you the Queen. Come on, let’s go to the palace. The king said everything to Queen. Queen said, “don’t worry, I would not do anything unethical, which will destroy our marriage. “ She went to visit Sanyasi, and I am ready to be with you, but there there is one thing which is brother me. I can not live in a hut, we need a house. Sanyasi requested the king for a home. the king got the home, but the condition was not good, Sanyasi again went and asked to clean the house and make necessary requirements available Sanyasi and Queen got shifted there, and at very first night the Queen was dressed up

The Queen said “do you know who are you and what you have become, you were Sanyasi, to whom even the king was bowing, now because of lust you have become my puppet “

Sanyasi released that he is Sanyasi, who left everything for finding peace and helping others. Sanyasi stared apologizing loudly and said, let’s go to the king. The Queen said “I first saw the change in you when got angry by not getting food “Sanyasi said, “I am sorry, but in Forrest, I never ate fullied stomach, and may a time I did not even get food, but when I came here I got delicious food every day, and this desire of fulfillment is the reason which brought me here.i became greedy and that invited anger “Sanyasi realizes he should return to the forest, and he did the same.

tri-vidhaṁ narakasyedaṁ dvāraṁ nāśhanam ātmanaḥ

kāmaḥ krodhas tathā lobhas tasmād etat trayaṁ tyajet

Lord Krishna articulates clearly that lust, greed, and anger are the gateways to hell. These are the root cause of virtually every single problem in human life.