iPhone 9? yes it's happening!!

Yes, Apple will be releasing two new budget iPhone. Tentatively it will be called iPhone 9 and 9plus. A leaked IOS 14 development built suggests there will be two new devices 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone running Apple latest and greatest A13 Bionic chip.

It will be replacing the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. This iPhone will have Touch ID and a solid-state home button and the same form factor as 8 and 8plus but updated internals.

These phones are likely to be coming in 3 colors

  • Product red

  • Space grey

  • Silver

New features iPhone 9 and 9 plus would be getting over 8 series

  • A13 Bionic chip (same as iPhone 11 and 11 pro)

  • 3 gigabytes of ram

  • Stereo sound video recording (a feature first seen on iPhone xs )

This iPhone would entice that old iPhone user to upgrade to newer internal but same form factor

iPhone 9 and 9plus will be releasing in WWDC , which tentatively will on 1st June 2020